About Me
About Me

About Me

Hi, so glad that you found me. 

I am passionate about design, fashion, dance, and lifestyle. I adore being around people, dogs and just love the walking on the beach, soaking in the beauty and listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves. I also love colors, and believe they hold various frequencies of energy that have a powerful impact on the way we feel.

Transformed and inspired by the experience of living in Brazil for 11 years, I made the shift from being an interior designer to becoming a Nia dance technique teacher. 
Brazil is blessed with spectacular landscapes, breathtaking beaches, vibrant markets, the amazing array of colors and pulsating beats. Its famous carnivals, fine food, artists and craftsmanship made a strong imprint on me.

But what struck me the most were the exotic women who naturally and unapologetically love their body - without the complexes and self criticism that most Western women have towards theirs.
Being a Nia dance teacher  made my body and soul yearn for dancewear that would not  only look great, but also feel great. I wanted them to have a delicious sensation on my skin, accentuate the movements of my body, and be high quality, long lasting, and easy to care for. I couldn't settle for anything less - leading a class in dance and movement was my job and I had to dress the part. 

Brazil - the land of the coconuts - is known for its sportswear and beachwear, so these kinds of clothes were easy to find. However, upon returning to Israel, this became a serious challenge. "Necessity is the mother of creativity", so  I started designing my own dancewear. It was a natural convergence of all of my passions and skills - movement, design and fashion.

My dancers and friends fell in love at first sight. Compliments turned into a steady stream of orders which led to the birth of my fitness fashion brand - HS Body Talk -  indoor and outdoor sportswear that you will love to move in, but also moves you in new and pleasurable ways.



So who are we?

HS BodyTalk is a Sports Fashion Boutique for women who love to move, but don't want to settle on the sensation and flow of the fabric. It is designed for women who want to stand out, who are not afraid of attracting attention and who love to flaunt their spirit, energy and body. Some of my customers swear that just putting on my clothes changes the way they feel and move.

Initially inspired by dance, my active wear is great for any fitness activity - working out at the gym, doing yoga, going on your run, dancing, Pilates, but also have the added value of making a statement even during your leisure time.

You'll immediately see the Brazilian influence in the choice of fabrics, colors and design.
If you are fed up with the monochromatic palette of  black and grey clothes, get ready to feel a rush of juicy, sexy, fashionable and empowering energy created by the celebration of color that enlivens your body and pleasures your senses.

If you want to feel comfortable, sensual, and love your body and yourself, with a natural sense of entitlement - like the Brazilian women do - I invite you to wear my clothes. My customers, who are avid fans, say that they feel more confident, fashionable and feminine - regardless of their body type or size. 
In addition, the styles are versatile and can be worn in different ways, and the super-soft, flowing fabrics accentuate and complement the body's movement, in any way that you choose to move.

I personally hand pick the Brazilian sports fabrics and the clothes are manufactured locally in Israel. The world class UV fabrics are breathable, moisture wicking, quick to dry, and do not shrink or fade after washing. One of the most common reactions of women who try them out for the first time is "It feels like a second skin" without the synthetic feel of some popular mass- produced fitness brands.

In the spirit of boutique design, I change collections every few months, so you can be confident that your uniqueness is maintained.

Thanks to my close personal contact with the women that I dress, I can listen to their advice, concerns, desires and suggestions. This allows me to  continuously improve and tweak  my clothes to simply make you feel at your absolute best.

I would love to get to know you and dress you in my collection.

With love and joy,

Hani Sade